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A robust, reliable and scalable server software that deliver live video and audio streaming to any device, anywhere. Developed in Java with includes multiple levels of security and high performance, the software is compact and can be installed on Windows and Linux. By utilizing Vidict Media Server, you can build wide array of applications for live events, multi-user gaming, video conferences, webinars, company meetings and enterprise video products.


Let us build your own private video CDN. Your video streaming services are build using Vidict Media Server and distributed across the globe with 24/7 monitoring by our NOC team. Our CDN solution is one of the fastest on video response and can handle 30,000 requests per second. This is a turnkey solution and the complete CDN, including server procurement, installation and configuration of Vidict Media Server and VidictPeer, setup of HTML5 player is done by our team.


VidictPeer, a peer-to-peer system to distribute content across devices. Using the WebRTC technology, each connected device could be helping to deliver the video to another user, without consuming the additional bandwidth from CDN, thus increasing the capacity of your existing CDN by 10x. VidictPeer is an additional distribution layer on top of your existing CDN infrastructure, resulting in less bandwidth costs and improved performance. VidictPeer is available for desktop and mobile users.

Why Vidict?

It's a complex task to add live video to your products and services, and making it available for every device, operating system and browser at scale with reliability takes skill and experience. Vidict products are developed and maintained by a team of professionals with 15+ years of experience in developing live streaming applications. Our products empower you to reach a greater world and help businesses succeed by reaching a wider audience through live streaming.

Vidict has a cost-effective solutions while never forgetting the importance of reliability for start-ups, small businesses and enterprises looking to integrate live video streaming to their products and services. We’re proud of who we are and excited about the future.

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