Vidict Media Server

A reliable media server solution to deliver live video of any kind to anywhere in the world.Vidict Media Server provides high quality viewing experience for your users and is already core of many video service providers around the globe. After working for more than 10 years on our client's servers, Vidict Media Server has proven to be secure, reliable and stable.

Vidict Media

Developed in Java, Vidict Media Server has fastest video response time and has record of handling more than 30,000 video requests per second without compromising video quality.

icon Lowest video latency

With built-in autoscaling feature to enhance your capacity, Vidict Media Server has lowest video latency and can deliver live video to end users in sub-300ms .


Vidict Media Server helps you save time and money by using single live stream for media stream delivery over any protocol and device, be it Windows, Android or iOS.

Building Video Applications - Made Easy.

Real Time Encoding/Transcoding — Dynamic Video Format Adaptation - Live Video Distribution


Vidict Media Server will transcode, transmux, transrate and encrypt your videos.


The video will be deployed on your Vidict Media Server instances, also known as edges.


The edges will deliver the video in HLS format to desktop and mobile devices.

Why Vidict Media Server?

Vidict Media Server is built and maintained by a team professionals with 15+ years experience specifically in building video applications. Our software will empower developers to seamlessly and easily integrate video streaming services into their applications.

The Media Server software is compact and can be installed on Windows, Linux and iOS and other major operating systems used in the entire globe.

Vidict Media Server has most economical rates. If you're trying to build something great, we're here to help!

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