Vidict Vision Boost

P2P VISION boost is the technology of the streams of tomorrow. Our P2P VISION boost is build on the existing Vidict Peer structure, a dynamic distributed delivery network between all connected devices that are streaming the video content. By putting users first, we make streaming reach new heights.

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The problem of streaming today?

Every client want the video quality of their streams to be top-notch, but even in 2024 that isn't the case. Crystal clear resolution always comes with its price, high bandwidth consumption. On the other hand, low quality of the source itself excludes possibility for further enhancement.

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Our resolution enhancer

Enables viewers to enhance the quality of their streams up to 4K quality by using an AI based model:

    Motion blur smoothing.

    AI Denoiser.

    Context-Aware Enhancements.

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Build on our P2P structure

Each device streams the same content at the same time, creating the possibility for all these devices to share their data. This has the joint effect of significant saving on bandwidth, increasing network reliability and most important enhancing video quality.

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About P2P Vision Boost

As a long term participant in the streaming industry, we know all the ins and outs of it. And all the users want the same goal, better video quality. Everything can be improved, the sharing our streams on an impeccable structure, lightning speed bandwidth, but still the same issue occur. Proving that there isn't any video quality loss from the source to the end user, means only one thing, the source itself is not on part.

Of course many would think increasing the quality of the video in real time is impossible, and that is correct. The computing power required for one user to do the process of enhancement is enormous. But, you don't need to be alone in this. This is where our peer to peer infrastructure comes in hand. Each peer ups the quality of its frame with our lightweight enhancement algorithm. Multiple peers are connected between them, sharing part of the enhanced content leading to a seamless experience to everyone.

Project timeline from day one to finished product

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Research and development for AI upscaling algorithm.

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Integration of upscaling technology with existing P2P infrastructure.

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Initial start of pilot launch with selected content partners.

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Gradual expansion to more streaming platforms.

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Full-scale rollout to all Vidict Media Server customers.

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