Strengthening streaming security with OAuth2

Approaches to security issues change constantly, along with evolving threats. Vidict Media Server besides its unique security system and security based on clients' individual needs now introduces OAuth 2.0 authorization into its services.

As the online streaming industry grows rapidly, so do the threats from pirates and hackers. This makes secure video streaming more important than ever because there are groups of people with bad intentions that take advantage of broadcasters. Vidict Media Server prioritized the privacy and security of the online video streaming, so we implemented an authorization standard called OAuth 2.0 into our services.

OAuth 2.0 is a secure, open data sharing standard that should be built into every app. This standard protects user data by providing access to the data without revealing the user’s identity or credentials. Third-party services can make requests on behalf of a user without accessing passwords and other sensitive information. OAuth2, brings authorization requests, access tokens and refresh tokens, and clients have to make 3 requests at the very start of a session to get the video data they're after. Although the web is the main platform for OAuth 2, it could delegate access to other client types (browser-based applications, server-side web applications, native/mobile apps, connected devices).

streaming security

The good part is that our services still support our unique security system, which proved stable and reliable over the past few years. Our old video security is based on tokenized video delivery, where each video player is assigned a token that is constantly checked and cross-checked. This security feature is especially valuable for video content that streamers embed in any site or app. It is up to the streamers to decide which security to implement into their streaming platforms. As in the past, the development team is open to creating security programs while working closely with the customer to develop the program that most fits their individual needs.

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